8 Good Hurricane Tracker Apps for Teachers and Students

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September 10, 2017
As we write this post, hurricane Irma is raging through Florida causing an immense amount of flooding and destruction. Our hearts go out to the people of Florida and all of those on its path. The purpose of today’s post is to share with you some interesting apps you can use to track hurricanes and other natural disasters. We included popular apps for both Android and iPad users. Check them out and share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

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1- Hurricane Track (iPad)
‘Hurricane Track 3.0 is the most advanced, modern, and easiest to use Hurricane Tracking and Radar application! Hurricane Track 3.0 features incredible new features such as 12 World Radars, a new customizable dynamic Local Radar using NEXRAD "next-generation radar" technology, Forecast and Hazard warnings, future projected tropical cyclone paths, Lightning Intensity Radars, Sea Temperatures, Cloud Formations that can potentially turn into tropical cyclones, Maps, an interactive 3D Earth, detailed tropical storm information and discussion, and much much more!’

2- NOAA Now (iPad)
‘NOAA Now provides the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration including: hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans; mainland storms, including the latest tornado and severe thunderstorm alerts; worldwide animated satellite views; the latest marine conditions from the National Data Buoy Center; the ultraviolet index.’

3- Storm Radar with NOAA Weather (iPad)
‘Weather like you’ve never seen before with the Storm Radar app for iOS! Full screen interactive map with 8 hours of high-resolution past-to-future radar, advanced storm cell tracking, and real-time severe weather alerts allow you to visualize weather heading your way. Whether you want to view current weather conditions or daily and hourly forecasts, they’re all available at a glance on your iPhone or iPad iPad in Portrait and Landscape modes.’

4- Hurricane Pro (iPad)
‘As the first hurricane tracker to be released back in 2008, Hurricane Pro has been keeping people like you safe for over 9 years. Continuously updated with interactive features and detail; no other hurricane tracking app comes close to the information provided inside Hurricane Pro!’

5- Hurricane by American Red Cross (iPad)
‘Be ready for severe weather with Hurricane by American Red Cross. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe – a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do.’

6- Hurricane Tracker (Android)
‘Stay safe during Hurricane Irma! The Storm Radar app for Android has the latest hurricane updates, warnings and alerts with fast-loading doppler radar maps so that you and your family can stay informed about the storm!’

7- MyRadar Weather Radar (Android)
‘MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, no-frills application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather!’

8- The Weather Channel
‘Plan and prepare with confidence with the world’s most downloaded Weather App…Changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most.’