4 New Google Slides Features to Help You Create Professional Presentations

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Here are some good Google Slides features to help you create professional presentations. Most of these features are geared towards enhancing real-time collaboration. Below is a short review of these new features:

1- Link embedding
This is a feature we covered in a previous post. Link embedding allows users to copy and embed slides from one presentation to another. With a single click , you can sync slides from multiple presentations.

2- Integration of Keep into Slides
For those of you using Google Keep to record and share notes, you can now easily embed your Keep notes right into your Slides presentations. With a simple drag and drop, you can add notes to your slides. ‘When you add a note from Keep into your presentation, Slides will automatically add a title and description for you.’

3- Integration of add-ons to Slides
After Sheets and Docs, add-ons have finally arrived to Slides. Users can draw on the power of add-ons to add more functionalities and create powerful presentations. For instance, you can use Adobe Stock add-on to search for and insert images into your presentations or use Lucidchart to design beautiful diagrams to include in your slides.

4- Other features include:
  A- Insert diagrams
‘Insert Diagrams, or ready-to-use visualizations. This is great for when you need to effectively share timelines, processes or hierarchies.’
  B- Select Grid
‘Select Grid view to view all your slides at once as thumbnails. This helps you easily reorder or change formats of multiple slides.’
  C- Skip slide
‘Tailor presentations to different audiences with the Skip slide feature. You can now choose to skip select slides without fully deleting them when you present from your phone or laptop.’