3 Handy Google Classroom Guides for Teachers

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September 7, 2017
In yesterday’s post we covered some excellent video tutorials that can help you learn more about how to use Google Classroom in your teaching. Today we are sharing with you these three guides from the same source which is Google for Education. These are step by step visual guides that cover a number of tips, guidelines, and activities on how to make the best of Classroom in your own instruction. The guides are available for free download from Google for Education Training Centre, you will find them under the title ‘Handy Guides’. Here is a short overview of what each guide has to offer you:

1- Getting started with Google Drive
This visual guide will help you learn how to set up a class and add students in Classroom. More specifically, you will get to know how to: set up a class, add students by email or code, create an assignment, add materials and assignments, add grades, and how to share feedback with students.

2- Google Classroom Tips
This is a one-page PDF featuring some handy tips on how to use Classroom in education. These are tips provided by educators who have tried Classroom themselves. Tips are arranged into four main categories: Set up your Classroom, Stay Organized, Create Assignments, and Connect with Parents and Peers

3- Teacher-led Group Study Guide
This guide helps you learn how to use Google Classroom for collaborative group work. It lays out a detailed step by step process on how to go about using Classroom with your colleagues to create study groups and group discussions.