Some of The Best Educational Apps for learning Music

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August 1, 2017
Here is a collection of some of the best iPad apps for learning music. The apps cover different topics related to music learning from practical tips to help  you master musical tools such as piano and guitar to learning how to compose, read and make music sheets. Whether you are a music teacher, a parent keen on teaching their kids music, or simply a music fan, the apps below will definitely enhance your music learning experience. They are all featured in iTunes list of 'Apps for Learning Music' where you can access tons of other music apps to use with your students in class. Also the categorization of these apps is also adopted from iTunes list. We selected our favourites apps from the list and incorporated them into the infographic below. Feel free to use the visual the way you want provided you cite us as the source and keep it free of charge.

You can download this infographic in PDF format from this link. The links to the apps are provided in the bottom of the infographic.

An Interesting Infographic Featuring Top Apps for Learning Music