4 Educational Websites to Transform Your Class into Interactive Learning Space

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Spiral is a great website where you can create a class for your students and get them engaged in a wide variety of collaborative learning activities. It offers a number of key tools to help you conduct quick formative assessments, design interactive presentations, annotate public videos, create video quizzes and video lesson plans, and many more. Spiral does not require any software download and is completely free of charge for teachers.

Spiral offers the following tools to help you turn your class into an interactive learning space:

1- Quickfire

‘Quickfire is an ideal tool to use during a lesson to introduce, assess, review and reinforce student knowledge and understanding in class. It provides the teacher with the responses of the entire class in real time. Student answers are displayed anonymously on a whiteboard to develop confidence and encourage risk-taking.’

2- Discuss

‘Discuss is a powerful tool that encourages students to share their ideas in class. The content created forms a valuable shared knowledge base which can be accessed in the future for reviewing and assessing student progress as to inform future planning.’

3- Team Up

‘Team Up improves the process and outcomes of group work. Students work in teams during one or more lessons - contributing ideas and building shared presentations in the form of slide shows. Teams can work from individual or shared devices to create high quality outcomes that everyone can learn from.’

4- Clip

‘Spiral Clip: Turns any public video into a live chat with questions and quizzes. Provide instant feedback and see how the class is performing.’

I am also adding  Flipgrid, a video discussion platform, to this list. Check out Fliprid's full review to learn more about it.