6 Great Grammar Apps for Middle School Students

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For those of you teaching in middle school, below is a collection of some useful apps to help students learn grammar and improve their spelling skills. The apps provide games, lessons, exercises, and several other activities to help students strengthen their grasp of language grammar and spelling. Check them out and share with us your feedback. Links to the apps are under the visual.

Grammar apps for middle school students

1. English Grammar in Use: Sample

English Grammar in Use, by Cambridge University Press, helps students develop their grammatical skills through detailed explanations and interactive exercises. The app provides access to various grammar units, a glossary of grammar words, a study guide, and more. Students can work on exercises and receive immediate feedback from the app. Besides grammar students get to enhance their listening and pronunciation skills by listening to audio recordings of example sentences.

2. Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge, by British Council, helps students learn English spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Students are provided with a wide variety of quizzes that they need to answer in under sixty seconds. There are 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard) with three categories (words, grammar, spelling) covering ten topics. As students answer the quizzes, they earn badges and compete with others on a global leaderboard.

3. Verb Smash English Tenses ESL

Verb Smash English Tenses ESL helps students improve their English grammar knowledge through engaging games and courses designed specifically for ESL beginners. The app includes over 500,000 question and answer combinations, over 100 common verbs both regular and irregular, and more. By playing this interactive game, students learn how to use different verb tenses (e.g., present, past simple. present perfect, etc), auxiliary verbs, contractions and negatives, and more.

4. English Grammar Book

English Grammar Book helps students improve their English grammar using simple explanations, fun quizzes, and interactive games. The app covers over 100 popular grammar lessons ordered by level of difficulty and cover elements such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, articles, adverbs, verb tenses, and more. As students answer quizzes they ear points and get medals depending on their score. 

5. Grammar Smash English Course

Grammar Smash English Course offers educational games and lessons to help students enhance their English grammar. The app is composed of two modes: a learn mode feature over 100 lessons and a Play mode that offer games to practice English grammar. Lessons cover various grammar topics such as verb tenses, pronouns, possessives, adjectives, adverbs, modals, basic time phrases, offers, and more.

6. English Irregular Verbs 

English Irregular Verbs Best is all about helping students learn irregular verbs using flashcards. The app includes 3 levels of difficulty starting with the least difficult level (1) and progressing to the most difficult level.