4 Good Educational iPad Apps Free Today

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July 9, 2017
Here are five good educational iPad apps that are free today. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: create professional looking photo slideshows and video presentations, help kids sharpen their motor skills and promote their cognitive development through interactive learning games, effectively mange your time using Pomodoro technique, and learn Mandarin in creative and fun ways. Check them out and share with your colleagues.

4 Good Educational iPad Apps Free Today
1- WiPoint HD Pro
‘Create high definition professional video presentations and photo slideshows with this feature rich video presentation creator. WiPoint lets you easily narrate your photos and slides to create highly engaging videos. With WiPoint HD Pro create, save and re-edit your presentations and slideshows with ease. Add slides background from our selection or from your own photo library or camera. Add separate voice-over or background music in each slide. Instantly share your slideshow or presentation video on social media, including Youtube and Facebook.’

2- Toddler Learning Games
‘Sing along to a catchy rhyme and toe-tapping music as you learn to identify your colors with a cast of cute and colorful characters, foods, toys and objects. This game was designed by parents and teachers to promote cognitive development and sharpen motor skills in early learners.’

3- One Tomato
‘Pomodoro is a simple time management tool.You will spend 25 minutes concentrate on work, not allowed to do anything halfway. After that, you will have 5 minutes to take a short break. And after every four tomatos, you will have 15 minutes to take a long break. Pomodoro greatly improve the efficiency of the work, there will be an unexpected sense of accomplishment.’

4- Miao Mi
‘Miao Mi is a Mandarin entertainment and educational kid’s app that encourages young children to learn Mandarin in a creative, fun and interactive way! With over 500 videos on demand, specifically curated for preschoolers aged 3-6, Miao Mi is an excellent resource to support Mandarin immersion learning for kids.’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free