16 Great Learning Apps to Use with Your Kids

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Below is a collection of some good educational iPad apps to use with your kids. These are all apps created by Duck Duck Moose to help young learners thrive and do better. Since it joined Khan Academy, Duck Duck Moose has made all of its apps free for everyone. We have gone through their collection and picked out for you some of the most popular among these apps. These are applications to use to inspire kids’ curiosity and creative thinking and get them engaged in a wide variety of learning activities. Check them out and share with us your feedback.

16 Great Learning Apps to Use with Your Kids
1- Wizard School
‘Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) inspires curiosity and creative thinking. Explore, create, and share with your family and friends.’

2- Build A Truck
‘BUILD and RACE your very own monster trucks! Build A Truck allows you to customize and build monster trucks. But choose carefully, as each decision and building block will have real impact on your trucks when the races begin! Experiment with the physics of speed, torque, drag, mass, inertia, friction, acceleration, gravity and more’

3- ChatterPix
‘Chatterpix can make anything talk -- pets, friends, doodles, and more!
Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. Then share your Pix with friends and family as silly greetings, playful messages, or creative cards.’

4- Duck Duck Moose Reading
‘Join Milo the Meerkat and his sidekick Puffs at the zoo on a phonics learning adventure! Duck Duck Moose Reading has 9 different word and letter activities that help kids learn by feeding and playing with flamingos, monkeys, lions, and more. Collect animals and make your own zoo scene as you learn more letter sounds. AGES 3-7.’

5- Superhero Comic Book Maker
‘An award-winning creative app to ignite the imagination. Create personalized animated comic books with monsters and superheroes. Build comic strips and narrate the story. Includes 55 scenes and coloring pages and stickers. AGE: 3-9.’

6- Princess Fairy Tale Maker
‘An award-winning creative app that will spark the imagination. MAKE A FAIRY TALE: create personalized fairy tales with princesses, fairies, ballerinas, animals and more. COLOR: decorate with animated sparkles and glitter; SHARE: narrate stories with the self-record feature and share with family and friends.’

7- Musical Me
‘This award-winning musical experience teaches notes, rhythm and pitch. Join Mozzarella the Mouse in a musical world with 5 activities that teach the fundamental components of music. AGES: 2-6.’

8- Word Wagon
‘Word Wagon is a fun, award-winning app teaching letters, phonics and spelling. Based on Common Core State Standards kids will learn letter names, sounds and spelling of 4 and 6 letter words. AGES: 2-6.’

9- Baa Baa Black Sheep
‘Baa Baa Black Sheep is an award-winning puzzle and musical adventure with interactive illustrations. Help the sheep deliver bags of wool, explore 3 underwater worlds, collect puzzle pieces and unlock 24 hidden words. AGES: 2-5.’

10- Fish School
‘A playful underwater experience filled with 8 educational activities, this award-winning app teaches children letters, numbers, shapes and colors with colorful fish and friendly sea life characters. AGES: 2-5.’

11- Itsy Bitsy Spider
‘An award-winning original tribute to a childhood classic, Itsy Bitsy Spider offers children a fun, interactive and educational experience. Follow the spider to learn about the environment and animals. AGES: 2-5.’

12- Old MacDonald 
‘An award-winning tribute to a childhood classic, Old MacDonald is a fun, interactive experience encouraging cognitive, language and motor development through fresh illustrations, creative interactions and music. AGES: 2-5.’

13- Wheels on the Bus
‘An award-winning tribute to a childhood classic, Wheels on the Bus, is a fun, interactive experience encouraging motor, language and cognitive skills through fresh illustrations, creative interaction and music. AGES: 2-5.’

14- Puzzle Pop
‘This award-winning app brings puzzles to life, with colorful illustrations and 27 levels for different ages and skills. Children will learn problem solving, sequencing, spatial reasoning, shapes, patterns and color recognition. AGES 3-8.’

15- Peek-a-Zoo
‘An award-winning interactive experience that  asks children to identify different animals who  dance, eat, wag their tails, wear sunglasses, sleep  and more. Children will learn about animals,  emotions, actions and sounds. AGES 2-5.’

16- Trucks
An award-winning educational, creative play app, Trucks teaches sequencing, sorting and problem solving. Trucks has 5 engaging activities: carwash, tow truck, garbage and recycling, bulldozer and dump truck and a car and truck parade. AGES: 2-6.