10 good Apps to Enhance Kids Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking is a key skill in today's learning. In a digitally focused world replete with amateurish content and fake news, the ability to critically assess propositions and make informed decisions becomes essential to learners' cognitive and intellectual well-being. As we have argued elsewhere, Critical thinking is a cognitive faculty that embraces several conceptual skills that include synthesizing, assessing, analyzing, applying and evaluating information. Critical thinking allows students to make informed and rational decisions as it forces them to dive deeper and analyze things logically. What would be viewed as a common sensical fact by ‘surface thinkers’ would be considered as a provocative statement that invite much reflection and investigation by critical thinkers. The purpose of today's post is to introduce you to an updated list of our favourite iPad apps you can use with your students and kids to boost their critical thinking skills. We invite you to check them out below and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page. The Android version of this post is in the making and we ll post later.

10 Very Good iPad Apps to Develop Students Critical Thinking Skills