5 Powerful Tools To Create Educational Whiteboard Animation Videos

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You probably have seen them before, whiteboard style animations are everywhere online. They are used by profit and non-profit entities to advertise, educate or to simply communicate effectively. Two popular educational YouTube channels that use this animation style are TED Ed and RSA Animate. In short, whiteboard animation (also called video scribing or animated doodling) is a video clip in which the recorder records the process of drawing on a whiteboard while using audio comment. The final result is a beautiful synchronization of the drawings and the audio feedback. In education, whiteboard animation videos  are used in language teaching/learning, in professional development sessions, to create educational tutorials and presentations and many more.   In today’s post, we are sharing with you some good web tools you can use to create whiteboard animation videos. Check them out below and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.

1- GoAnimate

Go Animate allows you to produce your own professional whiteboard animation-style video using your mouse and your favorite internet browser on GoAnimate! The Whiteboard Animation theme includes thousands of hand-drawn assets like props and backgrounds, plus hundreds of character actions that fit a wide variety of professions and business settings. Whenever you add a whiteboard animation prop, background, or character in a scene, this asset will appear to be drawn by a hand holding a marker pen in the final video. No extra action required. But that’s not all. You can also easily adjust the image by changing its timing and adding a delay to better fit the video’s script.

2- Video Scribe

VideoScribe empowers you to create your own whiteboard-style animated videos without any design or technical know-how. All you need is a message, an idea, or something to communicate to the world. VideoScribe makes animated sketches out of the images you choose. Place text and drawings onto a canvas, add a voiceover or soundtrack – then sit back and watch your story unfold.


Animaker  is an excellent animation video maker that allows you to create engaging video content. As a teacher, you can use Animaker to create tutorials,  explainer videos, video presentations, educational step by step guides or  video infographics. The process is simple and easy and anyone can create beautiful animations without the need for advanced technology or coding skills. Animaker provides you with all the tools and materials you need to create your first professionally looking animated video. You simply drag and drop elements such as characters, backgrounds, visuals and many other  pre-designed elements accessible through Animaker library. You can then edit your video, add pop up effects, hand craft animations, scene transitions and when your video is ready you can download, upload it to YouTube or share it with others through social media websites. The free version of Animaker is limited in terms of features provided, the pro version offers way more options.

4- PowToon

PowToon is aother great web tool that enables you to create powerful video animations and presentations. PowToon provides you with all the necessary animation tools you’ll need to immediately begin creating your own professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations. From start to finish, you’ll be guided through a surprisingly simple process. Watch the video below to learn more about PowToon.

5- Rawshorts

Another good software for creating whiteboard animation videos in three simple steps: ‘First, choose from dozens of professionally designed templates across every category to make a video scribe for your business.Second, add your own media, text, transitions, effects and audio and create something totally original, and third promote your new sketch video on YouTube, Facebook, a landing page and more!’