Here Is A Very Good STEAM Resource For Teachers

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June 28, 2017
LittleBits is an excellent resource for teaching STEAM. It provides you with a wide variety of educational materials to engage your students in hands-on and creative activities that involve creating, designing, and coding. ‘From STEAM sets to Coding kits, each offering is packed with curriculum and resources that make 21st century education fun & easy to teach.’

LittleBits also offers a collection of lessons created by a team of educators. The lessons feature tips, ideas and guidelines to help students make the best of Bits in their learning. They target various grades and cover all STEAM subjects. There is also a resource section where you can access different types of guides including Educator’s Guide (provides tips and mini-lessons to get you started), STEAM Guide (features 11 tips and four case studies to help kick-start your STEAM program), Librarian’s Guide (offers real-world tips for getting started with LittleBits in your library), and many more.

Watch this TED Talk to learn more about the power of LittleBits in learning.