Here Is A Great Web Tool for Music Teachers

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Noteflight is an interesting web tool for music teachers. It allows users to create, store, listen to and share notated music online. Teachers can use it to create and share music sheets and help students communicate and collaborate in music learning. Noteflight’s user guide offers detailed instructions on how to use Noteflight. The basic free version of Noteflight allows you to write music, share scores publicly, import and export music XML and MIDL, connect with musicians and composers, view and join groups and many more. Premium versions provide more advanced features.

Noteflight has a specific program for students called Noteflight Learn. This is ‘a private website designed specifically for music education where all users have Noteflight Premium features, including recording, performance and assessment tools. Every user can access their Noteflight account from any computer or device, including Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones. All digital scores are interactive, customizable, and easily accessible, and sharing and collaboration are built directly into every aspect of Noteflight Learn.’

Watch the video below to learn more about Noteflight