An Excellent Website for Creating Educational Games to Use with Students In Class

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TinyTap is an excellent educational platform you can use with your students for a wide array of learning purposes. It features a huge library of interactive activities and educational content created by teachers to help students in areas such as math, science, English, music and many more. Students will get to explore a variety of educational games handmade by teachers or , in case they didn't find what they are looking for, design their own educational games from scratch and without the need for any coding knowledge. TinyTap provides a number of powerful tools to help you create engaging content. These include: Questions, Puzzles, Videos, Voice Input, Text Input, Soundboard and more...

As for teachers, they can use TinyTap to ‘create fun educational activities for any purpose and engage their students in something new. Educators around the world are creating valuable learning activities based on the school curriculum.’ Special needs teachers can also utilize this platform to ‘come up with new ways to help those in need and personalize activities to fit each person individually.’ TinyTap  includes a features called Insights that allows teachers and parents to track the progress of their students or children.

TinyTap is also available on Android and iOS. Watch the video below to learn more this too.