4 Excellent Mac Productivity Apps for Teachers

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June , 2017
Below are four popular Mac apps to help you enhance your productivity and facilitate your workflow. These apps have been positively rated in both Product Hunt and iTunes App Store. As a teacher, you can use these applications on your Mac to: quickly remove file clutter and organize your files, save your clipboard clips and re-use them later on , and easily access and launch different applications and find files on your Mac or the web.  Check them out and share with us your feedback.

1- QuickShift 

‘QuickShift is the fastest way to cleanup the file clutter and the quickest way to organise your Mac. QuickShift provides instant access to your most used folders from everywhere - through status bar, HotKey (Command +1) and Services menu. Just drag and drop files to QuickShift and then move or copy with the power features of QuickShift. Creating folders, subfolders and hierarchies to organise, moving files and folders to locations deep in hierarchy are all handled in a jiffy.’

2- Copia

‘Copia is a smart and elegant clipboard manager for Mac. Copia remembers every time you copy something so that you can re-use it later on…Every clip you copy is represented by an item in the History. Any content is recognizable at a glance.’

3- Alfred

‘Alfred is a keyboard-driven productivity application, helping you launch apps and search your local computer as well as the web with great speed.’

4- PopClip

‘PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly access context-specific actions including copy and paste, plus extensions like Send to Evernote. If you select text containing a URL, email address or file path, PopClip can open it. Select a misspelled word, and PopClip offers corrections. Select any text to do a web search with those terms, or select a single word to get the dictionary definition.’