Excellent Video Content to Help Kids Learn About Sexual Education

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Amaze is a platform that provides educational video content to help kids learn about sexual education. Amaze videos are professionally designed to educate teenagers on sexual topics such as puberty, healthy relationships,  reproduction, sexual health, gender roles, consent and many more. This video content is provided for free and is accessible by anyone without the need for registration.

‘AMAZE is also a resource for parents and educators to build their comfort, knowledge and skill to more effectively engage young adolescents with the age-appropriate, fact-based information they need at this critical time in their development. Young adolescents see parents as a primary source of information and support, but parents often feel ill equipped to address issues related to puberty, reproduction, sexual health, gender roles, and more. Further, school and community-based sexuality education often starts later, if at all, and there are few up-to-date resources to engage early adolescents in understanding sexual development. These short videos can be a starting point for deeper discussions.’