3 Very Good Apps for Annotating Images

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Bring your images to life with these useful iPad apps. Using these apps will enable you to annotate your photos the way you want. You can highlight text in an image, add shapes and text, take notes and many more. In the case of Thinglink, you can add a layer of interactivity to your images by linking parts of your visual to videos, notes or music from YouTube.

1- ThingLink 

‘ThingLink  is one of the best web tools you can use to annotate images and videos and create media rich visuals to share with your students in class. ThingLink enables you to add different layers of interactivity to your content. There are actually over 70 call to action tags to layer your content with including; web links. text, video, image, audio, maps and many more. The process to add Rich Media Tags to your content is ‘as simple as copying the URL into the Link field of the ThingLink tag editor.’’

2- Annotable

Annotable is another good iPad app for annotating images. Some of its features include: ‘All the expected common tools: rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines and texts; fully customizable: colors, sizes, outlines, fonts; stylishly obscure private information with Blur and Pixelation; you can even mark text on screenshots of apps like Notes, Twitter, and Safari. It feels like magic, and can really save the day when you want to share a web page screenshot with some words highlighted but forgot to select the words when you took the screenshot.’

3- Paper by Fifty Three

‘Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you. Paper’s unique visual notes are designed to help you get your point across quickly and precisely. Paper also lets you share your ideas any way you want to, including as professionally-formatted PDFs, Keynote and Powerpoint presentations.’