3 Interesting Professional Development Resources for Teachers

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Today we spent sometime going through our PD archive and pulled out these three resources to help teachers with their professional development. Each of these resources features a number of interesting materials (web tools, educational podcasts and books) that can directly or indirectly enhance your professional learning experience.

1- Professional learning podcasts
This is a collection of some excellent educational podcasts that cover various topics and issues related to teaching and learning. You will get to explore powerful insights about educational leadership and learn from thought leaders how to be 'a classroom, school, or district leader one day'.

2- Web tools for newbie teachers
This one is a collection of web tools curated specifically for new teachers. These  platforms will help you locate, find and access materials designed specifically for use within educational settings.

3- Self-development books for teachers
This is a list of interesting books to ignite teachers motivation and push them forward.The books are authored by leading thinkers and educators and cover a wide variety of themes subsumed all under the generic concept of self-development.
  PD resources for teachers