ViewPure- A Must Have Tool for Teachers Using YouTube Videos in Class

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ViewPure is one of our favourite web tools to use for purifying YouTube videos. We have already reviewed it here in the past and we are re-featuring it for those of you new to our blog.YouTube is a powerful video resource to use in your instruction, however, the distractive features and often times ‘inappropriate content’ that accompanies YouTube videos can be a huge problem especially when  using YouTube videos with students in class. This is where ViewPure comes in handy. It allows you to eliminate all comments and related videos providing you with a cleaner interface to watch YouTube videos.

Besides removing the clutter from YouTube videos, ViewPure provides a number of interesting features. For instance, you can customize the ULR of YouTube videos and create easily memorable URLs (see FAQ page to learn more about the rules for customizing URLs). You can also use ‘password protection’ feature when sharing purified videos with others. Only those with the password can view the video. And if you want to share only a specific portion of the video, use ViewPure to set a start and end time. All of these features can be accessed from ‘options’ button in ViewPure homepage.

The way ViewPure works is very simple:
‘Step 1: Find a YouTube video you like.
Step 2: Paste it into the field on the homepage that says "Enter YouTube URL or search term..."
Step 3: Click Purify and enjoy.’

You can also drag ViewPure bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar and each time your are on a YouTube page, click on the bookmarklet to remove all the clutter.