Google Released A New Drawing Tool to Use with Your Students

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April 12, 2017
Google has recently released a new tool called AutoDraw. As its name indicate, this is a tool that allows you to create simple and beautiful doodles and drawings. AutoDraw, created by a bunch of talented artists, pairs machine leaning with drawings created by professional artists to help  you draw. The cool thing about this web tool is that as soon as you start doodling, its auto suggestion functionality will start guessing and help you quickly finish your drawing.Users can also draw solo using the Draw tool.


 AutoDraw offers almost everything a drawing editor can offer: it has a nice wide canvas to draw on. Use the Draw tool to draw anything you want, then add colours from color picker. You can also add text using the Type tool and/or make different shapes by the Shape tool. You can move, rotate and resize objects as you like and when you are done you can download your work in PNG format and share it with others.

AutoDraw is a great tool to try out with students. It is simple and easy to use and they can utilize it to engage in creative drawing activities. Check it out and share with us your feedback. Enjoy