Educational Podcasts to Help Learners Improve Their Vocabulary

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April 8, 2017
Word of the Day is a cool program that offers educational podcasts to help learners improve and enrich their vocabulary with new words. It curates most useful and fun words, explain their meanings, provides information about their origins and etymology and show you how to use them in real-life conversational examples. Word of the Day’s episodes are free to listen to on iTunes or SoundCloud.

‘With clear explanations and relatable examples, the Word of the Day Podcast makes learning new words fun, interactive and memorable. Already, educators from California to China to Afghanistan are using the show to expand students’ vocabularies and boost their enthusiasm for language, whether those students are young or old, native or non-native English speakers, writing a short essay or preparing for the SATs. The podcast is also well-suited for schools looking to boost media literacy and employ modern active learning techniques in the classroom.’