An Interesting Tool for Lifelong Learners

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April ,15 2017
Curiosity is another cool website we are adding to our professional development tools page here in EdTech and mLearning. Curiosity provides you with a daily dose of wisdom to spark your inner curiosity and push you to learn more. It’s one of the best ways to constantly engage your brain and improve your learning skills. Curiosity features insightful knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines and covering various topics from history and art to science and technology news.

To start using Curiosity, open your account and let the site know about your interests and Curiosity will automatically start featuring content tailored specifically for your needs. You can watch videos created by educational content creators from all around the glob, or you can engage in reading marathons exploring Curiosity’s ‘short form articles stuffed with weird facts and interesting perspectives….It doesn't matter if you’re looking for answers to trivia questions or a quick conversation-starter, or if you just want to prove a friend wrong — Curiosity’s free knowledge database will challenge you to get smarter and keep learning.’

Courtesy of MakeUseOf