12 Excellent Professional Learning Podcasts for Teachers and Educators

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Professional development has never been as readily accessible as it is right now. The Internet provides teachers and educators with unprecedented learning opportunities that are only a click away. Part of our job here in EdTech and mLearning is to help teachers tap into the educational potential of the net and leverage its key resources. We have an entire section full of interesting tools, apps and several other materials to help you in your professional growth.  You can also check our latest collection of some of the best professional development books curated specifically for teachers.

In today’s post, we are sharing with you this wonderful selection of educational podcasts, curated from  iTunes App Store collections,  to add to your professional development resources.  These are podcasts covering a wide variety of topics and issues related to teaching and learning. You will get to explore powerful insights about educational leadership and learn from thought leaders how to be 'a classroom, school, or district leader one day'.

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