13 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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April 19, 2017
We are back again with another collection of some interesting educational web tools and mobile apps to try our in your instruction.  Some of things you can do with these resources include: create, share and play music; access a wide variety of Math worksheets; enhance students reading through short stories; learn a new language via immersive experiences; convert different file formats to PDFs, and many more. check out the tools and see if you like any.

‘Stagelight EDU is the easiest and best way to teach, learn, create, share and play music on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS and Android devices. Stagelight EDU delivers next-generation music education with its in-app lessons and virtual classes – built by teachers for teachers. With royalty-free sounds, customizable lesson plans, state-approved curricula and more, Stagelight EDU brings first-class music education right to your device. ’

‘This site has math fact worksheets, place value problems, addition without carrying, subtraction without borrowing, suites of multiplication tests using various methodologies, fractions and more. It’s done wonders for my kids.’

3- Phenomena

‘Phenomena can be broken down into various categories. This website breaks them down into six main categories: Geological, Weather, Oceanic, Electromagnetic, Space and Physical. These categories are subjective and at times an event could be placed into another category. This site is designed to be an easy to use website for students and anyone interested in the subject matter. ’

4- Let's Start Coding 

‘Let's Start Coding teaches coding to kids using electronic kits, real code examples and step-by-step guides. It's easier to learn by taking something apart than starting from scratch. That's why we created hundreds of lines of example code to help you.’

3- Classes

'Classes is a messaging app for productive communication, that combines simplicity and convenience of a chat with special benefits for teachers and students. Using Classes educators can instantly reach students with important updates, easily set topics and turn them into productive discussions. At the same time, Classes provides engaging environment for students, where they can actively collaborate, assist each other and reach out for help when it’s needed. '

4- Wordisode

'With Wordisode, we are trying to bring reading and writing to the digital world through a social experience. Each episode of a story is distributed daily through email, takes around 5 minutes to read, and keeps readers engaged, enthralled, and hooked until the next Wordisode. Here’s the catch: the next Wordisode of a story isn’t released until the next day, building hype for the next installment of the story.'

5- Exam Owl

'Exam Owl is an online community site for high school and college test takers. We have 3 primary features.
1. An online forum where students can discuss topics ranging from AP tests, IB tests, to college finals week and more.
2. A tools section with useful exam prep tools such as GPA calculators, and predicted score calculators.
3. A resource section where users can upload links to their favorite test prep resources and users up-vote or down-vote to determine which is most relevant. '
PDF Candy offers  '24 tools for processing PDF files, such as merge, split, compress, unlock and various conversion tools (both from and to PDF). The tools of PDF Candy are based on offline PC products by Icecream Apps which provide high quality of the output files. The interface of the website is intuitive, modern and user-friendly. The services are 100% free, also there are no ads or limitations. PDF Candy is stress-tested and SSL protected.'

‘The app is designed to improve your Vocabulary Strength, Communication Skills, English Language Proficiency & Cognitive Skills like Memory, Focus, Speed and Attention.’

‘Easily and quickly convert photos from your iPhone or iPad to high quality PDF documents. Easy-to-use app and powerful converting engines. Image quality is preserved. Conversions are performed by our speedy servers, so the app won't drain your battery or burden your phone's chips.’

‘Learn languages by immersing yourself in a world of interesting, authentic content! Start with easy beginner lessons but quickly progress into learning from real, compelling content. 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, audiobooks, interviews and more, all with transcript.’

‘"The King of the Golden River" is an interactive digital book that shows how biology can solve the great challenges of the planet!’

‘QR Reader optimized for kids. Simple to use, no ads, no in app purchases, no tracking. Some of its features include:Links to Youtube, Vimeo, etc are presented without link to related videos, social functions and comments; Codes that links to audio or images are presented without distractions; Texts can be read aloud using the built in voice synthesizer;’ and many more.