A Collection of Some Great Google Drive Tools for Teachers

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We have revisited our Google Drive add-ons’ chart we published last year and added few more categories to the list. More specifically, we added Drive tools for creating educational visual content, tools for working on PDFs, and collaborative mind mapping tools. Our purpose is to provide teachers with a collection of notable apps to help them extend their Drive activities to include functionalities not provided by the default Drive  features.

We hope you find this chart helpful and if you have other suggestions to add to the list please share with us via email or Facebook.

Drive add-ons for creating mind maps
Drive add-ons for creating diagrams and flowcharts
Drive add-ons for math teachers
Drive add-ons for remotely presenting to an audience
Drive add-ons to help students with their writing
Add-ons to create smarter sheets
Add-ons to generate QR codes from Google Sheets
Drive add-ons to use with Gmail
Twitter tools to use on Drive
Speech to text add-ons
Drive add-ons for grading and assessments
Drive tools to create educational visual content
Drive tools for collaborative mind mapping
Drive PDF tools