5 Good Educational iPad Apps Free Today

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March 26, 2017
Here are some good iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time.  Some of these apps are pricy such as Ap US History ($9.99). There is also the popular National Gallery of Art app which provides users access to the masterpieces of world art in the museum of the national gallery of art in Washington. As for the Workflow app, it has been acquired by Apple and is now free. Check out the other titles and see if you want to grab any. Hopefully by the time you are reading this post the apps are still free.

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1- AP US History 5 Steps to a 5

‘ With 500 flashcard-style questions closely aligned to the material in the current AP U.S. History exam, this study tool is a comprehensive guide designed to test your current knowledge and master any unfamiliar material. ’

2- Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

‘Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.’

3- National Gallery of Art HD

‘Take a walk through the virtual halls of the museum of the National Gallery of Art Washington (USA), where you will enjoy the masterpieces of world art.’

4- Mind Magnets Info Organizer—Visual Grid Checklists

‘Organize bits of info VISUALLY instead of using lists. TOGGLE your labeled “magnets” on/off with a tap. MOVE them, ARRANGE them, give them COLORS and SHAPES. It’s simple and fun!’

5- Madhat - Everyone's a Creative

‘With Madhat you can turn your photos into videos by animating and playing back your doodles on photos in amazing ways! Then, send your Madhats to friends for them to remix what you've created! Or share your Madhats through the social network or messaging app of your choice!’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free