100+ EdTech Tools and Websites for Teachers and Students

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Below is a list featuring  a wide variety of educational technology tools and websites for teachers and students to use in and out of class. During my 12 years experience of EdTech blogging, I reviewed tons of resources covering various content areas and topics. Most of these materials are buried deep in the archive.

Educational technology tools

Lists such as the one below helps bring the best of this content to the surface thus providing  the education community with vetted resources that can potentially help them transform their learning and teaching practices.

I do update this list periodically, however, if you come across a broken link, please let me know so the resources remain relevant.

Websites for Math Teachers

Here are some good resources to help with the learning and teaching of math:
The list below features a collection of educational websites and tools for social studies teachers and students.

Websites for Music Teachers

These are some helpful resources to use in the teaching and learning of music:

Educational technology websites

Websites for Chemistry Teachers

These are websites to use with the teaching and learning of chemistry

Websites for Arts Teachers

These resources are for art teachers and students:

Websites for History Teachers

These websites and tools help with the teaching and learning of world history: