New- You Can Now Insert Google Drive Videos into Your Slides Presentations

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February 8, 2017
Google announced today the release of a new feature for Slides. Users are now able to add, besides videos from YouTube,  videos they have in their Google Drive right into their slides. The process is very simple. Here is how to insert a Drive video into your presentation: Open Google Slides, click on ‘Insert’ then choose ‘Video’ and click on ‘Google Drive’. From there you can select the  Drive video you want to use.

Once the video is added to your presentation, you can then customize its setting by simply right-clicking on the video and selecting ‘Video options’. You have the option to determine when exactly the video starts and ends, and whether you want the video to automatically play when presenting. You can also choose whether to mute the audio of your video or play with audio. Additionally, People who do not have permission to view your Drive videos will not be able to see the videos embedded in your presentation and they will be prompted to request access. 'While you can play Drive videos in Slides on the web and mobile, you can only insert them from the web application. For more details, visit the Help Center.'