An Excellent Google Sheets Add-on to Translate Spreadsheets Cell by Cell

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February , 2017
When it comes to translating spreadsheets most of the translation applications out there won’t serve the purpose. Information separated in different cells renders translated versions irrelevant and sometimes ridiculous. However, there is this Google Sheets add-on that can be really helpful. It has also received quite many positive reviews in the add-ons store.

Translate My Sheet is a Google Sheets extension that you can use to translate spreadsheets from one language to the other. The service supports over 100 languages. You can use it in two ways: you can either translate the content of a spreadsheet cell by cell or opt to translate the whole spreadsheet at once. The way it works is very simple: Once you have installed the add-on on your Sheets, click to open it. Select your source language (it is on auto detect by default) and your target language then check whether you want a ‘Full sheet’ or ‘Selected range’ and there you go. Simply highlight whatever you want to translate and you will get it converted to the language of your choice in a matter of a few seconds. Give it a try and see if it works for you.