A Great Tool Students and Teachers Can Use to Create Customized Portfolio Websites

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February , 2017
Portfoliogen.com is a great tool for teachers and student-teachers allowing them to create a customized portfolio website. Members get their own URL where they can organize all of their materials in one place.

Some current features include:
  • Members can request professional endorsements
  • Password protection is available for the portfolio website as well as files uploaded
  • Members can publish documents and pictures 
  • Video embedding is supported
  • Multiple layouts and design options are available
Portfoliogen also offers a premium service that  includes more features such as :
  • Create UNLIMITED pages
  •  Upload up to 100 documents and files
  •  PDF, DOC, MP3, XLS, PPT File Uploads
  •  Add up to 100 photos
  •  Embed UNLIMITED videos
  •  Export / Download your portfolio
  • Enhanced design and layout customization
  •  Upload header and background images
  •  Save and access all templates and layouts
  •  Add Unlimited web links
  •  UNLIMITED journal posts
  •  Resume Creator
Here is an example of a portfolio website:

Portfoliogen.com has recently added a number of key features. It started  allowing members to add a public profile to their memberships. Members can find each other and connect allowing them to share information and build their professional networks. This is important because 80% of people find jobs through people they know. As soon as someone registers with Portfoliogen.com and starts building their portfolio website, their public profile can be easily customized, made public at the members' discretion and connected to one's professional contacts also utilizing Portfoliogen.
By: Adam Gibbons from Portfoliogen.