7 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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February 1 , 2017
This week's New EdTech post brings you 7 interesting educational web tools you may want to try out. Some of the things you can do with these tools include: access to a kids' safe search engine, a repository of videos and other materials to teach kids about sex education, a virtual classroom to interact with students, music resources for teachers and students and many more. If you have other suggestions of new EdTech tools to add to the list, please share with us. Enjoy

1- Kiddle

Middle is a safe search engine for kids. Here is how  Kiddle return search results: the first 3 pages contain pages contain safe sties and pages written specifically for kids and selected and checked by Kiddle editors. Pages 4 to 7 embed contain safe and trusted sties that are not written specifically for kids by are nevertheless written in easy language kids can understand. Pages 8 onwards provides sites that are written for adults and harder for kids to understand.


‘AMAZE is a collaboration between experts in the field of sex education—Advocates for Youth, Answer and Youth Tech Health—to create an engaging, age-appropriate, online sex education resource for 10-to 14-year-olds. The AMAZE videos provide the answers young people want and need in an age-appropriate and relatable format’.

Knowlounge is a feature-rich platform that lets users share a digital whiteboard and use webcams to communicate, meaning you can interact just like you would in a physical classroom. Drawing tools, images, PDFs and YouTube videos can all be placed on the board to help support learning. Other features include the ability to add extra pages, and "multi-boards", which students can use to break off into their own boards while still remaining a part of the class. The live quiz function also helps keep classes interesting, and there is a selection of custom backgrounds such as graph/writing paper.

QuoteItWith.Me is a free site where students learn to avoid plagiarism while turning the nuts and bolts of source citations into academic-quality quotations. QuoteItWith.Me ­gives students:
  • Help spotting fake-news sources 
  • Tips for locating hard-to-find publication detail
  • Advice on balancing editorial perspectives

A fully web-based interactive practice tool that connects educators and students online and provides students with immediate feedback to help them improve.SmartMusic offers three main features: a huge music library to use with your students, the ability to give students immediate feedback on their practice, and ability to connect with students and enhance their individualized learning.

6- TakeLessons Live

TakeLessons, the largest online marketplace for private lessons, today announced TakeLessons Live, the most affordable way to learn from a live instructor. TakeLessons Live is a monthly subscription to unlimited live online group classes led by expert instructors in popular subjects like singing, piano, guitar, Spanish, French, and more. Since all classes are held online through TakeLessons Classroom, classes are accessible all around the world via desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. In addition to connecting you with a live instructor, the platform allows greater social interaction by providing a peer group. Through video and messaging features, students can talk with each other before and during the class, share ideas, help each other, and give encouragement. This peer-to-peer support helps students learn quicker and stay motivated.'

7- The Reading Cards Focus

The Reading Focus Cards desktop app  for Macs & Win PCs, is very helpful when reading digital media---whether online or offline. Both of these tools are helpful for persons of all ages w/ dyslexia, ADHD & other challenges that can often impact reading success (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed).

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