7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching

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As you probably all know by now, the old version of Google Drive template gallery is going away very soon and only the new version will be available. New template galleries embed a wide range of interesting and professionally designed templates users can utilize to create different kinds of content in Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms. We have already reviewed some samples of good Google Docs templates teachers can use in their instruction (i.e., for creating lesson plans, designing brochures and newspapers, making project proposals and many more). In today’s post, we are sharing with you this selected collection of Google Forms templates to use for a variety of educational purposes. More specifically, you can use them to create forms for : event registration, event feedback, exit ticket, worksheet, course evaluation, assessment, and contact information.

To access and use any of these templates, go to Sheets Template Gallery and click on 'More' on top right hand side and search for name of the template you want:

7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching

1- Exit Ticket

This is a great template for creating exit tickets. You can edit it and add your own questions before  sharing it with students.

2- Assessment

This one is for creating quizzes and assessments.

3- Worksheet

This customizable template is for creating worksheets.

4- Course Evaluation

This is a very good template for creating forms to collect students feedback regarding your course.

5- Event Registration

Next time you are planning an event, use this template to create a fillable form to share with your invitees

6- Event Feedback

This one is related to the previous form. You can use it to gather participants feedback on your event.

7- Contact Information

This is a handy template to use to collect personal information.