7 Excellent Tools for Creating Interactive Video Quizzes

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February 12, 2017
A few days ago we featured a collection of some of the best web tools teachers can use to create non-traditional quizzes and today we are sharing another collection but this time for creating video quizzes.  These are tools you can use to design quizzes based on selected video content. They allow you to import video clips, add a variety of interactive features to them (e,g different question types, comments, notes, links etc) and share them with your students.  Some of these tools include the option to track student progress and access stats on how students are interacting with your video quizzes. Share with us in our Facebook page if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

7 Excellent Tools for Creating Interactive Video Quizzes

1-Google Forms

This is one of our favourite tools for creating all sorts of quizzes. It also has  a feature that supports integrating videos in your forms. Click on the 'add video' button in the floating bar on the right hand side and paste the URL of your YouTube video or type in a query to search for a video. But if you want to create a video quiz around a video that is not on YouTube then you better check the other options below.

2- YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor embeds all the hacks you need to create stunning video lessons. You can use it to trim videos, add hyperlinks, add illustrative text, add audio tracks and several other multimedia materials. To be able to use YouTube Video Editor, you need to be logged in to your channel via your current Google account. Check out this guide to learn more about what you can do with YouTube Video Editor.

3- EDpuzzle

‘If you use videos in the classroom, EDpuzzle is a must have. Take any video from YouTube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, etc. make it perfect for your classroom and more engaging for your students. Make any video a true lesson by making it to the point, personal and effective, plus get all the data about your students so you know if they truly understand the lesson.’

4- TedEd

TED Ed is a website that allows teachers to create lessons around YouTube videos. Teachers can select YouTube videos and use their URLs to add questions in different formats. The added value of this tool is that it has a section where teachers can track stats of how many have responded to answers or have seen the lesson. Check out this visual guide to learn more about how to create video lessons using TED Ed.

5- Teachem

Teachem is a web service that allows teachers to create lessons around YouTube videos. They can also interact with videos through adding comments, questions and notes in the form of flashcards that can be pinned to videos.

6- Playposit

Playpoist (former Educannon) is another wonderful tool to use to create video quizzes. It allows you to add a wide variety of question types to your videos. Each of these questions will be time-linked to a specific moment in the video so students will stay engaged as the video progresses. You can ‘add tables, images, audio clips, links, and even embed coded.’

7- VideoAnt

VideoAnt is a good tool for adding annotations and comments to web-hosted videos. It supports annotation of different video files as well as YouTube videos. VideoAnt has its own specific terminology: for example, Ants refer to VideoAnt annotated videos and Ant Farm is your account dashboard. To be able to save and access your collection of Ants, you will need to have your own free account. VideoAnts is also ideal for blended and flipped classrooms.