15 New New EdTech Tools to Try Out in Your Instruction

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February 22, 2017
Below is a collection of some new educational websites we unearthed from the accumulated  piles of emails in our inbox. These are tools that you can use for a variety of educational purposes including: provide students with engaging arithmetic exercises to practice multiplication tables, easily create animated and explainer videos to share with students, develop educational apps appropriate for your own students or kids, upload and share large files, enhance students critical thinking and spacial awareness skills using a number of challenging puzzle games, and many more.

 1- Multiplication Learning

At Multiplication Learning 'you can easily practice all of your tables. The arithmetic problems are clear and simple so you can immediately get started on practicing your tables. Select one of the multiplication table you wish to practice from the list below and show what you can do on the speed test or printout great worksheets.'

2- Animaker

This tool allows you to create animated videos, ‘with 5 video styles that can be worked in collaboration, you can now create 120 different types of animated videos.’


'STEP BY STEP is a professional EdTech studio that focuses on developing educational apps for children aged 1 to 5 years old. During these critical years, children enter a new learning stage every few months. Our apps support and strengthen the development of crucial skills for each learning stage. This way we guide your children, step by step, throughout this entire age range.'

4- Renderforest

'Renderforest is cloud based video maker for creating intro videos for youtube, explainer animations, kinetic typography, product or service promotional videos, music visualizations, wedding or travel slideshows, mobile app promotions, event invitations, corporate presentations, infographics and a lot more.'

5- Drive Uploader

'Receive large files from your clients, friends or students. The data are securely saved in your Google Drive.'

6- Caught in the Middle: A Cyberbullying Tale

'This educational storybook dives into the dangers of cyberbullying and how friends can step up and stop cyberbullying. With discussion questions at the end of the story, this is a great resource for both teachers and parents.'

7- Kiddom

'Kiddom is a team of passionate educators, designers, and developers creating transformative tools to make learning personal, expand access to quality content, and foster community collaboration.'

8- Creativity 365 Education  (update: no longer working)

'Efficiently organize your school works with Kdan Creativity 365 Education. A superior learning environment for teachers and students.'

9- Metrigon  (update: no longer working)

'Flex your genius with this exciting new strategy game. Exercise your brain by filling in the empty spaces. Metrigon is an original puzzle game that requires critical thinking and spatial awareness skills to earn top scores.'

10- Write

'Write! is an elegant workspace to create notes, to-do lists, writing projects and texts of any kind. It has all features of a good word processor packed into a clutter-free interface.'

11- GoPollock

'Go Pollock is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students’ level of understanding.'

12- MySimpleshow

'Easily create explainer videos with MySimpleshow. ‘Use mysimpleshow in the classroom with your students or contribute to open educational resources. Introduce, summarize, and explain topics worth sharing.’

12- Collisions

'Collisions is a digital chemistry game designed to give high school students a deepened understanding of fundamental concepts while exploring the system of chemistry through play.'

14- PDF Converter New Features

The popular PDF Converter has added some interesting new features such as : PDF editing mode, custom PDF to CSV Conversion, split and Merge PDF, batch conversion with Scanned Files and many more.

15- Gabrielsseeds

'Gabrielsseeds is educational apps generator. Teachers and educators can make own educational apps by simple filling images into layouts. In addition, teachers can add online media like videos or online games to foster children learning. It is easy to customize any lesson from math, logic, brain teasers, reading or writing for each child and to enrich it with videos according to their talents.'