Wizer- An Excellent Tool to Create Engaging Worksheets to Use in Your Instruction

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January 19, 2017
Wizer is an excellent web tool that enables you to create engaging worksheets to share with your students. Wizer’s digital worksheet builder allows you to create as many worksheets as you want. You can include a wide variety of multimedia materials to your sheets such as videos, audio clips, images and different question types. And when you are done designing your worksheet you can then share it with students through Google Classroom or any other virtual learning management systems.

Wizer’s automatic grading and checking features facilitate your grading process and helps you provide individualized and personal feedback. If you use a grade book, you can easily download students answers in csv file and use it on your book. Additionally,  ‘Wizer worksheets are a great way to check in and get a quick picture of where students are in their learning process. It is also is a wonderful tool for dual immersion classrooms. Any worksheet can easily be duplicated by another teacher and translated to the other classroom language, allowing an identical learning experience in both languages. Also, Wizer’s audio recording feature can be used to easily add voice recordings in either language to help understanding and listening comprehension.’

Wider is free for teachers and works across different devices and platforms. Watch the video below to learn more about how to use use this tool.