New- TinyTap Allows You to Create Interactive Voice-based Activities to Use With Students in Class

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January 23, 2017
TinyTap is a platform that empowers teachers to create measurable educational apps without coding and share them for free, or sell them to paying subscribers and generate revenue. TinyTap just launched Talk or Type, a new feature available on iOS at the time. Talk or Type  enables teachers to create voice-based activities that allow students to answer through speaking or typing.

You can use Talk or Type in a wide variety of educational activities, such as ,  spelling activities, dictation games, language lessons, diagrams, phonological awareness activities and many more.  Talk and Type can also be helpful when  creating lessons for students who haven’t yet learned how to write, or are learning to pronounce new languages or practicing speech exercises. Watch the tutorial below to learn more about how to use this new feature from TinyTap.