Here Is An Excellent Teaching App for Speech Delayed Learners

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January 10, 2017
Speechvid has been a pet project near and dear to my heart from the moment our son was diagnosed as speech delayed at 2 year of age. He is also on the spectrum, which for him means social interaction, especially eye contact were a big issue for him. We went into immediate learning and research mode. Read everything we could get our hands on, watched every therapy session he was involved in and tried many different tactics on him.

One of the therapies we came across was video modeling therapy. I came across a study that changed the way we approached trying to teach my son. The study how to Teach Play, language and Pragmatics Using Video Modeling was done at the University of California and it’s featured on

Video Modeling – What is It?
• pre-recorded model is shown to child using audio visual medium
• child watches model, and imitates modeled behavior
• much of children’s learning is through imitation of their parents, siblings, peers and others
• model can be either another person, or self

We immediately started to incorporate this onto our daily “home therapy time”. Using an iPad we recorded siblings singing songs, playing games and us holding up flash cards or objects and repeating the words that went along with it. We then played the videos for my son and noticed an immediate change. Eye contact increased, imitation increased as well as verbal imitation.

We decided then that we needed to make this available and user friendly in order for other parents to be able to benefit from this type of therapy. We personally know that any little bit of help you can get in reaching your child can make a huge difference.

It features eye catching photos, a variety of categories, custom card category and best of all it features the parent, SLP’s, therapists, caregivers, the people in the child’s life that they are the most likely to feel comfortable learning from. This is what reaches them. They can learn from people they trust, without the pressure of social anxiety. On their own time and at their own pace!
We have videos posted on Facebook and Twitter of how the app works, videos of our son learning from the app and many more interesting articles.

By Raluca Urlea from Speechvid. Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post.