Google Spaces is A Very Good Collaborative Platform to Use with Students in Class

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January 4, 2017
Spaces is an excellent collaborative platform from Google. As a teacher, you can use Spaces to create a Space for your class and invite students to join it using a generated link. Spaces allows you to share a wide variety of materials including web links, photos, posts and many more. Members of a Space can interact with each other by commenting on posts and sharing feedback. Spaces is free of charge and is available for the web, Android, and iOS.

Some of the main features of Spaces are:
  • 'Create a space for any topic in one tap
  • Invite friends or family any way you like with a quick link
  • Use Google Search and YouTube right in the app
  • Comment on any post as a member of a space
  • Quickly find anything in your spaces by searching keywords.'

Spaces is very simple and easy to use. Here is how to create a Space:

1- Head over to Spaces and  click on ‘Create a Space’

3- Provide a title to your space

4- Add content to your space. You can post a link to a webpage, upload photos, or write and share a post

5- Invite members to your space by emailing them a generated link.