4 Interesting New Updates in Google Apps (G Suite)

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January 20, 2017
Over the last few weeks, G Suite (formerly Google Apps) has released a number of interesting new updates covering some of its major apps especially Google Sheets and Google Calendar. if you have missed these new updates, below is a quick over of what has been released so far.

1- Insert and delete groups of cells in Google Sheets

This update allows you to easily insert cells into your spreadsheets without messing up your sheets. ‘you can add a rectangular block of cells to any spreadsheet on the web, and it will simply shift the surrounding cells down or to the right. You can delete chunks of cells in the same way.You can insert cells from Insert menu and delete cells from the Edit menu’.

2- New iterative calculation settings 

This new update is for Sheets on the web. Iterative calculation ‘allows you to set the maximum number of times a calculation with a circular reference can take place. In addition, you can specify a “convergence threshold,” and when results from successive calculations differ by less than that threshold value, the calculations will stop (even if the maximum number of calculations has yet to be reached).’

3- New scheduling features for Google Calendar

Google Calendar on the web is now supporting ‘ Room Suggestions’ and ‘Guest time zones’ which were available only on Calendar for Android and iPhone. Room suggestions is a feature that enables Calendar to provide you with suggested rooms based on your previously used rooms. The second feature helps you find and collaborate across different time zones

4- Streamlining group chat creation in Google Hangouts on the web

Google Hangouts is now ‘streamlining how you create group chats to make it easier to create group chats for projects or teams. In the improved flow, you can now name your group chats more easily when you are creating a group chat. Once the group chat has a name, this allows you to create "placeholder" group chats which you can then share with a link.’