Some Good iPad Apps for Dyslexic Learners

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December 10, 2016
Today’s post features some very good iPad apps to use with your dyslexic learners. The first app helps students understand dyslexia through a video comic and subsequent quiz. The second app is a detector that allows you to detect different types of learning difficulties including dyslexia. The third app provides learners with a variety of engaging games to help them ‘assess working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual memory, auditory memory and sequencing skills.’ The last app is a Dyslexic dictionary for explaining unknown terms.

1- What is Dyslexia?

A FREE app to help you understand dyslexia. Watch a video comic and follow the story of a typical dyslexic.Take a quiz to see if you show signs of dyslexia. Find out ways parents can help at home. Send your teacher tips on how to help at school.’

2- Dyslexia Detector

Find out if you experience Dyslexia or another form of learning difficulty.Dyslexia Detector can detect other learning difficulties including ADD, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia. Accurate results rely on the user responding truthfully to the questions posed and the App is designed to provide an indication of the possibility that the user may be experiencing one or a number of learning difficulties.

3- Dyslexia Quest

‘Climb the mountain and play the yeti games. Each game will test memory and learning skills. The Yeti Master will explain signs of dyslexia.The games are designed to assess working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual memory, auditory memory and sequencing skills. Dyslexia Quest has been developed, researched and tested at the Bristol Dyslexia Centre. The app is designed for a single player and does not support simultaneous multiple users.’

4- DD’S Dictionary A Dyslexic’s Dictionary

‘DD's Dictionary, a Dyslexic's Dictionary allows independent discovery of an unknown spelling or a quick check of an uncertain word.Other features it provides include:Quick location of a word, audible confirmation of selected word, simple controls, focus on word spelling, copy of spelling to clipboard for use in texts and emails, background color and font choice for easier reading and many more’