Seesaw released 3 Important Features for Teachers and Students

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December 7, 2016
Seesaw is one of our favourite digital portfolio tool/app that we have covered in numerous posts in the past. A few days ago, Seesaw launched a number of interesting updates that we have just discovered through a buried email in our ‘pregnant’ inbox. The main updates are :

1- Translation into 50+ languages for families & teachers! Tap “See Translation” under notes, captions, & comments to instantly translate Seesaw content into your preferred language. Making Seesaw accessible to all families is a priority!

2- Text labels annotation tool so students can add text labels onto any photo, drawing, drawing+voice video to better show their learning.

3- Add Text Labels to Any Photo, Drawing or Drawing Video on iOS: Annotate any photo, drawing or drawing+voice video with customizable text labels. Choose from 8 preset styles or customize completely.

And as for the Computer Science Education week, Seesaw has this collection of resources for teachers and students:
  • Webinars and Live Q&A with the Seesaw Team
  • Interactive Seesaw Coding Class chock full of resources
  • Printable, offline "design thinking" exercises.