Here Is A Great Interactive Guide for Teachers New to Mac

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December 3, 2016
Mac is an excellent piece of gadgetry to use in your instruction in class. It provides both teachers and students with a plethora of innovative ways to learn, collaborate and be more productive.  For those of you lucky enough to have Macs in their classes, our section Mac Resources for Teachers is packed full of practical materials to help you tap into the educational potential of Macs. Additionally, we are also sharing with you this handy interactive guide available for free on iBooks. 

Mac Starter Guide is a multi-touch interactive short book from Apple Education designed specifically to help teachers and educators new to Mac. It provides a wide range of important resources, tips and ideas to help teachers leverage the power of Mac in their instruction. More specifically, Mac Starter Guide shows teachers ‘how to personalize settings, work with built-in apps and features, and explore a world of learning and teaching resources. Along the way, readers will become more confident with Mac, pick up essential skills, and get inspired to create hands-on and personalized learning experiences.’ Check it out and share with us your feedback. Enjoy