What Teachers Need to Know about The Integration of Google Drive in Evernote

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November 14, 2016
Following a question we received from one of our readers regarding sharing files between Evernote and Google Drive, we thought it useful to share with you this reminder. A few months ago, Google Drive and Evernote announced a collaborative partnership that resulted in the integration of Google Drive in Evernote notebooks. The purpose is to provide users with an intuitive and rich experience to enhance their productivity by allowing them  to focus more on their thinking and writing without the disruption caused by switching apps.

With this integration, Google Drive content is now available at Evernote. This means that you can add files from your Drive to your Evernote notes and any changes you make to these files in Google Drive will be automatically updated in Evernote. ‘This integration opens the door for millions of Google Drive customers to experience the power of Evernote. Use Google Drive to store your ideas, memories, and work. Then, take advantage of Evernote’s powerful organizational features to make sense of them all and inspire new ideas. “Once people see how well Evernote and Google Drive work together, they’ll use both products intuitively,” says Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill. “For Evernote enthusiasts, this is a natural progression. Google is organizing the world’s information, and now Google Drive and Evernote are helping you do just that with your information.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Google Drive integration with Evernote

Image source: Evernote Blog

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