The New Google Sites Cheat Sheet for Teachers

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As you probably know by now, the new Google Sites is now available exclusively for G Suite (formerly Google Apps) customers. This new version of Google Sites that was introduced awhile ago has come with a number of interesting features that are not available in the classic version.  Some of these features include: integration with G Suite apps, attractive design, ability to track site’s performance using Google Analytics, new colourful templates and many more. To learn more about the difference between classic Sites and new Sites, check out this resource.

 In a previous post we shared here in EdTech and mLearning a few days ago, we provided teachers with a detailed guide on how to use the new Google Sites to create and publish websites.  We talked about things such as how to choose a template for your site, how to add text and other multimedia materials to your site, how to control the privacy settings of your websites and many more. Today, we are sharing with you this wonderful cheat sheet created and shared by the folks in G Suite.This cheat sheet which is available for free download in PDF format, walks teachers through the visual process of creating a website using the new Google Sites.  We invite you to check it out and share with your colleagues. Enjoy