Here Is A Wonderful Tool to Communicate with Parents and Students

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November 15, 2016
Class Messenger is a good tool that facilitates communication between teachers, students and parents. This tool ,  designed specifically for k-12, is also available as iOS and Android App. Class Messenger offers 7 types of specialized two messaging that include: . messages with pictures and documents (Dropbox and Google Drive integration); surveys; timeslot meetings (parent-teacher interviews); group meetings; donations; volunteer requests; and order Forms. Additionally, all numbers and personal information is kept private: no members can see a teacher’s phone number and parents and students can’t see each others numbers.

To get started using Class Messenger, you need to sign up and  build a class. Once your class is online you can then add students and parents to it. Class Messenger provides you with a number of key features that you will not find in other messaging tools one of them is Staffroom. This is a specific serviced built specifically to help teachers and administrators connect and communicate among themselves. Parent to parent messaging is another excellent feature. As a teacher you can turn on ‘parent to parent’ messaging ‘so Parents can communicate freely without sharing emails or phone numbers.’ To learn more about the other interesting features offered by Class Messenger, check out this Prezi presentation and watch the video below. Enjoy

Courtesy of Edshelf
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