An Excellent Free Interactive Guide on How to Foster Students Creativity Through iPad

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November 4, 2016
iPad is a versatile device with a huge potential in education. Several teachers have now embraced this relatively new mobile technology into their teaching enhancing thus their students learning and diversifying their instructional methodology. iPad app store is teeming with tons of amazing educational apps designed specifically to cater to the learning needs of a wide range of student groups. The learning possibilities facilitated through iPad are endless , from taking students on virtual field trips around the world to exploring and navigating the human anatomy  in  3D , iPad is radically transforming the way learning is taking place.

In a previous post we published here a few days ago we talked about Apple’s free interactive guides and featured a few interesting samples. Today, we are drawing your attention to this wonderful interactive guide called ‘Fostering Creativity with iPad’. This is absolutely a must read book for any parent or teacher using iPad in their instruction. The guide is full of innovating ways and ideas to help you unless the creative gene within your learners. ‘This book shows educators how to use iPad and apps in connected workflows to engage students in the creative process. No matter what grade level or content area you teach, you’ll find versatile learning activities throughout the book that use iPad to support creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.’