A Wonderful Tool to Take Students on Virtual Field Trips and Explore the World in 3D

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November 22, 2016
A few days ago we shared with you Google’s newly released service called 'Google Service VR’. This is a new feature in Google Earth that allows users to 'virtually explore the world from different perspectives and right from the comforts of their own place. You can walk, fly or stroll through amazing places and experience incredible sights from standing at the top of the highest peaks to soaring into space, Google Earth VR will help you explore the wonders of the world in 3D virtual reality'.

Apple’s Maps app has a similar feature called Flyover. Using this feature will allow you to take your students on virtual tours to explore the world in 3D. You can visit over 250 cities and destinations from all around the  world.  As is demonstrated in the video below, the process is very easy: open Maps app in your iPad, head over to the area you want to explore, and if  an aerial tour is available you will see a circle with 3D. Tap on the 3D icon and tap ’Tour’ to start your flyover adventure. Click on the image below to watch how you can use Maps’ Flyover tours with your students.