A Treasure Trove of Free EdTech Webinars to Help You Integrate Technology and Digital Citizenship in Your Teaching

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November 21, 2016
An effective strategy to enhance your  professional development growth is through attending conferences. However, given time constraints and other obligations (e,g family, work etc) attending these conferences whether physically or virtually can sometimes be really challenging. With the widespread of digitality and the increasing use of web technologies, webinars have come to surface as a very feasible alternative.  Not only do they provide teachers with a much needed spatio-temporal flexibility but most of the professional learning platforms organizing these webinars record their e-conferences and archive them in digitally accessible libraries. In this way, teachers can access and watch recorded webinars anytime and anywhere they want. In today’s post we are sharing with you one such library from the nonprofit Common Sense.

Common Sense has this wonderful free professional learning community on edWeb that you can join to network with other teachers and educators and learn about effective practices, tips and ideas on integrating technology and digital citizenship in your instruction. It’s library features a varied collection of over 80 archived webinars covering a wide range of topics all of which are related to technology integration in education. Examples of recorded webinars found in the library include: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom, Implement Digital Citizenship Across Your District: Expert Tools and Tips, Cultivating a Math Mindset, and Do’s and Don’ts of Integrating Tech in Schools.  You can access and watch any webinar you want at your own convenience and for free. There are also new webinars scheduled every month in case you want to watch a live one. Enjoy