A Beautiful Visual Featuring 8 Advanced Google Drive Search Tips Teachers Should Know about

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November 3, 2016
Google has recently added some new interesting search features to its Drive service allowing users to  search for and find items and files easier and faster. One of these new features is the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that enables users to conduct Drive searches using customized search queries. For instance, you can write ‘ show me presentations from my language arts class’ and Drive will ‘give you the option to click for those specific search results’. The autocorrect feature has also been added to Drive; in case of a misspelled word, autocorrect suggests potential corrections to choose from.

Unbeknownst to many teachers, Google Drive has a set of advanced search functionalities that are similar to the ones used in Google Search. We have revisited 8 of these features and embedded them in the infographic below. Check them out and as always share with us your feedback. Enjoy

8 Advanced Google Drive Search Tips for Teachers
1- Quotes
You can search for a document that contains a specific phrase
Example: “match this phrase exactly”

2- Or
Search for files that contain at least one of the words
Example: discourse Or text

3- Minus sign
Find documents that do not contain a particular word.
Example: you search for pets but excluding cats: pet -cats

4- Owner
Find documents owned or shared by or with a particular person. Examples:
Owner: bla@gmail.com
From: bla@gmail.com;
To: bla@gmail.com

5- Type
Search your Drive by document type :older, document, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, image, video, drawing, form, script, or table.
Example: type:presentation

6- Before and after
Search for documents edited before or after a specific period of time. Format the date as Year-Month-Day.
Example: before:2015-03-02

Find documents by title
Example: title: ESL conference

Find items that can be opened by only certain apps
Example: aa:”Google Docs”

Source: Drive Help