8 Great TED Talks to Teach Students about Climate Change

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November 27, 2016
While climate change is a hotly debated topic especially in mainstream media yet a lot of people are not well aware of its deep implications on the life of species on the planet earth. The major part of climate change is caused by human activity (e.g pollution, deforestation, burning fossil fuels…etc) leading thus to a huge increase  in the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The result: unexpected change of weather patterns with an unusual global warming.

8 Great TED Talks to Teach Students about Climate Change

According to David Suzuki's foundation, ‘Since 1900, the global average temperature has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius, and the northern hemisphere is substantially warmer than at any point during the past 1,000 years.’ Therefore, as teachers and educators, it behoves us to raise our students awareness to the gravity of climate change and educate them on how to contribute to keeping our planet safe for the present and next generations. There are several resources to help you better understand and teach your students about climate change some of which you can access from this page. We are also sharing with you this collection of excellent TED talks on Climate change delivered by renowned thinkers from different walks of life (e.g scientists, chemists, economists, photographers, musicians, politicians…). You can probably allocate sometime to watch some of these talks with your students and get them engaged  in informed discussions about the different themes raised in the talks. Enjoy

1- Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss, by James Balog

2- The state of the climate — and what we might do about it, by Lord Nicholas Stern

3- Global warming's theme song, "Manhattan in January”, by Jill Sobule

4- Let's prepare for our new climate , byVicki Arroyo

5- New thinking on the climate crisis, by Al Gore

6- Why I must speak out about climate change,  by James Hansen

7- The science behind a climate headline, by Rachel Pike

8- Why climate change is a threat to human rights, by Mary Robinson