4 Great Avatar Creation Apps for Teachers and Students

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November 6, 2016
An avatar is a visual representation of an imagined or real character. Since their introduction a few years ago, avatars have been widely used for a variety of teaching and learning purposes. From building communities in the classroom and enhancing students social learning to using avatars to gain real-world experience and develop problem solving skills through virtual games and simulations, avatars have a huge potential in education. In today’s post we are sharing with you a number of interesting iPad apps you can use in your instruction to create different kinds of avatars.

1- 3D Avatar Creator

‘Create and save avatars of friends and family. Play dress up and make mini-me, or amazing chibi, goth, emo, vampire or superhero characters. Change hairstyle, eye shape, clothing, and lots more. Buy in-app expansion packs for coats, hats, caps and masks. Share and collect avatars using QR Codes. Send mood emoticons and friendship animations of your avatars as animated gif emoji to friends by email, Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, Instagram and Twitter.’

3- WeeMee Avatar Creator

‘Create and share unlimited WeeMees with the WeeMee Avatar Creator! Makeover anyone from yourself, your friends and family, or even your favorite celebrity! Try out the latest fashions, hair, make-up, and more to get the perfect look. Enter your finished WeeMee into Fame Game for the chance to win prizes! In-app purchases included.’

4- Myidol- 3D Avatar Creator

‘Using 3D facial recognition technology, Myidol enables you to create your unique avatar. You can adjust skin color, hairstyle, eye tone, and add a mustache to make your avatar look more like you; you can dress up with clothes, accessories, and even face paints; you can choose an action for it to perform.’